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Arty fact

I was once convinced (and probably still am) that that which divides art from the everyday is the frame an artist puts around something. The declaration that it is, in fact, art. Without a declaration the thing is just a thing.

Turn your fruit into art with this revolutionary still life fruit bowl. I would buy one of these. If K-Rudd had given me my money.

Postmodern Mouse

Post modernity spawned a bunch of meta art – art about art, books about books, pizzas featuring mini pizzas…

It’s the room full of mirrors effect where your image stretches out to eternity being repeated an infinite number of times… A celebration of infinite recursion. And it’s epitomised by this mouse. A mouse mouse. Found here. From instructables.

Candles in the wind

Cool art. The artists cast themselves as candles and lit them at the start of the exhibition. I love this sort of destructive installation art. Does anyone more artistic than me know what it’s called? The art of destructive art?

Found here. They’ve also got a bunch of cool snow globe things.