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Being Elmo: a documentary…

This looks like fun. A documentary on the puppeteer behind Elmo. He’s a big dude. Totally not what I pictured as the guy who does that high pitched voice…

Via Kottke.

A scary puppet sings a kids song

Clowns might scare some people. Puppets scare me. Especially when they seem a little too human. I like it when puppets don’t break that “fourth wall” and become real characters with implicit souls.

Surely if you wanted to perform this song for the benefit of children you could have found a real child to sing it. Maybe this one. (via Scotteriology)

Bohemian like youse

It seems that everybody on the Internet wants to be known for a unique version of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

Here are a few different videos for your prog-rock listening pleasure.

There are more where that came from

Ten plagues for all your houses…

One of the other things I may miss out on this Sunday if pain persists and I’ve seen the doctor is my role in our puppet driven kid’s talks at church.

That would be sad. I have been enjoying being Ernie. As in Bert and Ernie. Children like puppets. It’s a fact.

Children also need to learn about the plagues in Egypt. Because that’s important. Sadly this has been difficult to achieve with puppets. Until now. I give you the “Plague Puppets” courtesy of some Hebrew children’s resource site (perfect for your Old Testament needs)…