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A farewell to my coffee machine

Yesterday was a sad day in the Campbell household. And a happy day too. I don’t know if you, dear reader, suffer from the same disorder that I do – but I grow all too fond of my inanimate possessions because I imbue them with personality, and if the occasion warrants it, I give them a name. Yesterday I decommissioned Sheila. My three group Rancilio coffee machine. Sheila has been a good, and faithful, servant these two years… and now she is for sale (though I have a potential buyer so if you want to make an offer get in quick).

The day she arrived

Sheila in happier times

I feel a little heartless replacing Sheila with a younger, and skinnier model, but that is what I have done.

The new model

She’s beautiful. But we’re still working each other out. This morning she had a little meltdown, shooting coffee around the kitchen and all over me. But we’ll overcome this. I still don’t have a name for her.

Any suggestions for names? And am I the only one who thinks about my worldly possessions in this manner?

YouTube Tuesday: Wiimote controlled coffee

I was sure I’d posted this before. But it appears not. I searched for all the logical combinations of words.

If I were a bit nerdier – or geekier – I would try to figure out how to do this to my machine – which is essentially a supersized Silvia (but slightly different in structure). Total temperature control is pretty much the holy grail of coffee preparation.