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Mr T Raps

Over at Vanishing Point Ben has been pondering the point of Twitter. Well, here it is. Ben shared this link on Twitter, and now I’m posting it… Mr T raps…

Be Somebody – I Am Somebody Rap – watch more funny videos

Infographic: Beer Taxonomy

PopChartLab is my new favourite…

Check out this guide to beer names

And as a bonus – rapper names

Bad Christian Rap…


Double eww.

And umm. Again. Bad.

Found these on White People Rapping Poorly. Enjoy is probably the wrong word.

Bulletin Bored

A while back I wrote about how church announcements can be really boring. Here’s one church’s attempt to alleviate the announcement induced slumber.

I can’t decide whether or not this is funny or stupid.

Yoof Ministar

It looks like today is just going to be chock full of YouTube videos. Here’s a great little Youth Ministry video that nicely complements the Ignatius one I posted a while back.