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I continue my fascination with the sort of psychological make up that leads people to don spandex, leather, and bulletproof vests to patrol the streets as super heroes. This article has done nothing to convince me to put an end to such fascination, but nor does it make me think the heroes in question are even remotely sane.

Here is Phoenix Jones. I’ve posted about him before. He’s still alive, which is possibly miraculous.

This story covers a meeting of Real Life Superheroes in Washington around Comic Con. It is pretty amazing stuff.


Ever wondered where all the superheroes go when they’re too old to continue as caped crusaders? They never seem to get old in the comics, and yet technology changes around them. Weird.

But now, the secret is out. There’s some sort of Superhero nursing home out there…


Remember the Real Life Superheroes? No, probably not. I wrote about them back when I had about six readers. They get a write up in today’s SMH.

They have such lame names. But that’s pretty standard for Superheroes. I do wonder – with reference to the title – if a person’s title is called an honorific whether one’s superhero name is a heroific? After watching Wolverine yesterday – aka X-Men Origins, I read through the Wikipedia entries on the characters just out of curiosity (starting here) – I wanted to see how faithful the movie storyline was to the actual comics. Turns out the answer to that question is “not very” – but that’s ok, I enjoyed the movie and I’m not a comic book fanboy – or a Mark Driscoll fanboy – though I only use that phrase to ensure my ongoing google pensupremacy* for that phrase.

*I assume given that penultimate is the thing before the ultimate that pensupremacy is the entry before the top entry. Who knows. Correct me if I’m wrong. Actually, don’t. It was merely a bit of wordplay. I take it all back. Except that I leave it all there.