Red v Blue

Halo-ween: Real Life Red v Blue

This could possible be the most intricately designed set of Halloween costumes known to man. The guy didn’t just make one of these Halo MasterChief costumes for himself – he helped out his friends too.

Details on how he did it, and a photo essay of sorts, can be found here.

Right now I’m just going to bask in his glory for a second. Wow. Lucky he made costumes for everybody or he may well have ended up single. The best bit, is that these are actually all the characters from Red vs Blue.

Helping out a street preacher:

Take me driving in your third person car…

Like many of the internet generation I’m a fan of Red vs Blue. And I was thrilled to discover that the Red v Blue back catalogue is on YouTube.

I discovered that because I watched this video, made by Rooster Teeth, the guys responsible for Red v Blue… there’s a pretty strong language warning on this one about half way in.

Here, in case you haven’t seen it, is the first episode of Red V Blue – there’s a language warning on it too. It’s a series shot entirely using characters from Halo.

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