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How to stop speeding

This is a cool ad campaign with one of those clever stretchy sticker things that looks like it’s in 3D from different angles. The type you see on sports fields in TV broadcasts.

More about the campaign here.

Offensive offensive

Yesterday while I was thinking about Guerrilla Evangelism, it occurred to me that road safety ads could be easily edited to be ads about not leaving a decision about Christianity to the last minute. Death bed confessions only work for people who know they’re on their death bed.

This ad is slightly disturbing… so only watch it if you want to fully appreciate my argument.

Would you have a problem with an “offensive” ad like this – ie one designed to shock – being used to promote Jesus? I know a uni group copped some flack a few years back for dressing up as death and running around harvesting people with sickles.

I suspect imminent mortality is one of the only things that atheists find confronting.