Unblocking the queue

Thanks to the awesome power of Google Reader I have a stack of things (more than 200) that I have the best intentions to post.

Sometimes these build up, and as you’ll no doubt note from the post of Mario stuff, and the post of clocks, they are often variations of a theme.

This post is all about Tetris. Enjoy.

The perfect Tetris fit out requires perfect Tetris cushions…

Like these

These Tetris shelves are part of a bigger collection from a pretty clever design firm. They’re the almost perfect modular storage system…

Tetris is so good that it’s captured the heart, minds and skin of fans.

There’s also this salt and pepper shaker created by this clever Flickr user.

Credit for finding these gems must go to Walyou.

Ninjafy your dinner

All meals are better ninja flavoured. So these ninja salt and pepper shakers are just the ticket.

Bangers and mash

We all know a good mashed potato needs just the right amount of seasoning. Which becomes easier if you can manage your dosage in caliber form… with these awesome salt’n’pepper pistols.

So Peter Piper now packs his pick of “pinch” or pepper… that was poor.

Found here.

A salt and battery

This is a beautiful, hopefully pun inspired, piece of kitchen design. From this Turkish designer.

Found here.

Worth your salt

These Rubik’s Cube salt and pepper shakers are the perfect accessory for your multicoloured kitchen. Admit it. You’ve been waiting for me to post a stupid gadget all day – or since I posted the drinking cups with the peeing boy.

They’re just £11.99. Each. Here.