Salt and Light: 10 Salt and Pepper Shakers to light up dinner at your house

Salt and Pepper Shakers are almost infinitely customisable. And they’ve been that way for years. Here are some “modern” takes on the humble salt and pepper dispensers from one of my favourite product sites… sadly these guys don’t ship to anywhere outside the US. So I’ve also tried to track down some links for Australian customers.

Turn your meal times inside out with this inverted shaker available from Perpetual Kid and Amazon.

If everything in your house functions by switch – bring that to the dinner table with the switch operated shaker – from Perpetual Kid or Amazon.

For the adventurous, or those who believe salt should be shaken – not stirred, there are these vibrating shakers.

For the tweeps (Twitter Peeps) there are these nice little birdies (Amazon)…

or these ones.

This salt man in pepper pants (Amazon) is perhaps my favourite set of all.

If I had listened closer in science I’d know how accurate the idea of salt or pepper operating as a battery is… but I didn’t. So I’m fine with these.

If efficiency of space is your thing, or you’re a regular Jekyll and Hyde – then check out these split personality shakers (Amazon).

Your grandma might like these peas in a pod (Amazon).

Finally, salt and pepper should puzzle your guests – what better way to do that than to provide Rubiks Cubes for both salt (Amazon) and pepper (Amazon) and let them figure it out for themselves.