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Tumblrweed: This Charming Charlie (Smiths + Peanuts)

A Tumblr dedicated to remixing Peanuts strips with Smiths lyrics.

A sample…

Tumblrweed: When the What

Chronological visualisations on graph paper. Need I say more? Possibly. But seeing it will make things much clearer. When the What.

Tumblrweed: Awesome people reading

It’s scientifically proven that awesome people read. Now it’s proven photographically as well.

Still no Kim Jong Il looking at things

Tumblrweed: The back of a website

This is kind of clever, but at this stage only has a few sites up. Keep your eyes peeled (well, not literally). Back of a web page.




A couple more there. Now, if you did the back of the back of a webpage tumblr that would be a bit too meta, and the internet would break.

Tumblrweed: Chicks with Steve Buscemeyes

Freaky. Steve Buscemi has notably freaky eyes. He looks like an ice addict. So sticking his eyes on lady faces is scary. But that’s what this single serving tumblog is all about.

First up we’ve got Pink, and then Angelina Jolie.

Damien recommend this one on Facebook – thanks Damien. I will never sleep again.