sister number two

Pillow talk: Gooba

Back in the 90s there was a spreadable product called “Gooba” which was simply premixed peanut butter and jam. By extension these sandwhich pillows are gooba pillows – but only if bought together. They’re sold separately. I don’t think they contain nuts so you don’t need a pillow epi pen.

Little sister number two is a big gooba fan. She even owns this shirt.

A duck walks into a bar

At my biggest little sister’s high school graduation – or maybe it was my middle little sister’s (they’re all a blur to me) – the school principal made a rather vacuous speech featuring a joke about a duck. A duck that walked into a bar looking for bread. I won’t retell it here. But his take on it was that the duck was persistent and would ultimately get what it wanted. It was a bad speech.

Jokes about bars are as old as bars. Probably. There are a whole lot of bar jokes in the comments of this blog here. Which also retells the duck joke. And explores the history of bar jokes. A bit. It’s actually an interesting blog. I just added it to my burgeoning list of google reader subscriptions.

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