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The magic of Twitter

I suspect I’m starting to understand the utility value of Twitter. Here’s an update on the Slayer Espresso Machine that I’m so excited about – straight from the designer’s mouth…

Slayer update

No doubt you’re all as excited about the Slayer coffee machine as I am. You’ll be happy to know the following details:

“Seattle’s newest espresso machine, the Slayer, will start shipping in the next month from its new factory in the old Sicks Rainier Brewing bottling building in Georgetown to coffeehouse customers in San Francisco, Michigan, Canada and Australia.”

“It’s also a beauty with Art Deco-looking groups (those are the nozzles from which the espresso pours) fitted with Peruvian walnut handles or “paddles” that let the barista control brewing pressure. Cost: $14,000 for two groups; $18,000 for three.”

So, get saving.

I’m harnessing the power of Twitter to find out if there’ll ever be a one group version. Will keep you posted.

Slayered in the spirit

It’s seriously time to start saving. Because I want one of these more than I’ve ever wanted a coffee machine before. Or in fact any “thing” before*. It is a work of art. And it will no doubt be as expensive as a fine work of art. It has knocked me off my metaphorical feet.

The Slayer Espresso Machine. Is. Beautiful.

And the focus is on function rather than form. One day Slayer… One day…

Slayer Espresso Machine @ Fratello – teaser from Chris Prefontaine on Vimeo.