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Ten of their best

Here are my ten favourite assumptions, insults, and accusations thrown at me by PZ Myer’s angry horde.

  1. That I chose to use the word “seem” in the title because I don’t think atheists are capable of being nice.
  2. That the “curiosities” column creates revenue for me/is advertising and I wrote this post in order to receive the attention I did.
  3. That I would censor comments, or that I was doing so, because I was scared of criticism.
  4. That I would hatch a conspiracy theory regarding my site’s demise and blame atheist hackers.
  5. That no Christian has ever read anything about the formation of the Bible or church history and that we are completely unaware of criticism of that process.
  6. That noise = victory and silence = an admission of defeat.
  7. That if God exists human morality should still trump morality as ordained by God.
  8. That just because they’ve given a name to a school of thought… and their philosophical leaders have rebutted it… everyone should fall into line and stop using arguments they disagree with.
  9. That no Christian knows how to use the Old Testament, or deal with difficult philosophical positions created by a God society does not agree with.
  10. That atheist scholarship regarding the Bible and Christianity is more objective than Christian or independent scholarship.