social experiments

What are you listening to?

There’s something nice about the way this guy pops the personal bubble people create when they plug their ipods into their heads while walking around in public. And people respond.

It’s also an interesting demographic study, matching music with typical listeners, or atypical listeners.

But what are you listening to?

I’ve been listening to Architecture in Helsinki’s new album Moment Bends a bit lately. It’s so cheery.

YouTube Tuesday: Seeing, but not perceiving

Eagle eyed observers will notice that it’s Thursday and not Tuesday – and they may be asking what happened to this week’s YouTube Tuesday. Eagle eyed observers would not be alone in asking that question. I only just realised I’d missed it… so here you go.

Turns out eagle eyed observers are a rarity. 75% of the participants in this experiment did not register the obvious change that takes place…

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