Holiday snaps

So I’ve been absent from blogworld for a few days. What’d I miss?

In the real world our little family were taking our first family holiday – we had been planning to go to the Gold Coast hinterlands, right up until the car was packed, and I was printing out our wotif booking. Only to discover that some idiot had booked the accommodation for the wrong weekend. After a mad scramble around the interwebs we booked three nights in Stanthorpe at the Sommerville Valley Resort.

Soph was a bit excited en route.

Here’s the view from the balcony.

Here’s the view from the lounge room.

We saw the pyramids. Well, a slightly lamer Australian version…

Went to a fun jam shop where Soph charmed the storekeepers. Which was lucky.

Soph, in turn, was charmed by an ornamental peacock in our room. She couldn’t get enough of it.

We added a bit to the trip with a Tour De France style experience on the way home.

And now, the craziness of college begins for another semester.

Robyn’s (and Sophia’s) first Mother’s Day

Today was fun. On the back of an incredibly busy weekend we spent the afternoon painting with Soph. This was Robyn’s Mother’s Day present.

Well. The painting, a photo, and a creatively paint stained white onesie. Which I’ll frame or something.

We appreciate that this day is both a) very commercial, and b) hard for many people, but there’s something nice about the opportunity to recognise mums.

I think one of the things that being a parent has taught me, in these four and a bit months, is the sort of emotional investment, love, and energy, my own parents made in me. So thanks mum (and dad).

I’m also incredibly in awe of Robyn’s transformation. She’s such a natural at being a mum. It’s incredible.

Decreasing wisdom

Tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 (funnier if you pronounce it out loud and string the words together) I am visiting the dentist (who happens to be my younger sister), to have my wisdom teeth removed. Two of them. Up top.

I wasn’t worried about this at all until my boss had his wisdom teeth out last week in what can only be described as a dental horror story. ┬áNow I’m feeling a little attached to these teeth and wondering whose bright idea it was to get the procedure in my one week of Easter break.

Anyway. Depending on how it goes, recovery time could be prime “improving my lagging post rate” time here and on my other blogs. This was going to be a post about why I’ve been posting so infrequently, but I’ve decided to summarise that in a picture, or two.

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