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St. Eutychus around the web

Turns out the Catholics already have a saint named Eutychus. I’m not sure it’s the same guy.

But there is a great little song about Eutychus on YouTube – skip to about a minute forty five in for the good bit.

Alternatively, watch it in lego…

Change in the air

I’m gradually making the switch between this geographically and personally specific domain name – and my new, as voted by you, domain – st-eutychus.

All the links and stuff on the page will now direct to “st-eutychus” links.

Eutychus was the young man who fell asleep, and out a window to his death, during a sermon by Paul. Paul felt so guilty that he resurrected him.

The current domain expires in December, and will work up until then. I’ll change the name of the blog when I have a new design ready to go.

Exciting times.