Stable on the Strand

Coffee at Stable

On the job

Originally uploaded by St. Eutychus

Before Christmas Robyn and I spent a few nights running a little coffee stall at Stable on the Strand.

We didn’t make a whole lot of money – but we learned a fair bit about being coffee entrepreneurs.

I’m testing out integrating Flickr and my blog. I’m not sure what I think so far…

Roasting oven

Neil from Ministry Grounds has started importing Behmor Coffee Roasters. Based on the specs, and an email from Neil, this will be a much more efficient way to roast coffee than my current breadmaker/heatgun setup.

So I ordered one yesterday. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Also, for Townsville people, Robyn and I are making (and selling) coffee at Stable on the Strand this year. If you’re in the neighbourhood you should drop by and exchange your money for our coffee.

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