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Be my friend

You can now be my “friend” here via Friend connect (unless you’re a subscriber then you’ll have to actually physically visit my blog) or see if this link works.

I only really added this friend connect thing to see if it made a difference when valuing my blog. Largely because Chris’ blog is worth over $5 million and mine’s only worth $500 and I want to figure out what made the difference. Also, it’s made by Google – so it must be good right?

The valuation thing took off after Simone posted it – and most people seem to be worth much more than me, though mine is worth slightly more than hers. It seems to be based on weird factors. I think advertising space is one of them – but I’m not going to sell out with adwords here just to boost my blog’s fictional value.

Metrics Systems

Having spent all weekend worried that my site was dead today I decided to check out how much I would have lost had it been gone forever by having a look at some novel webmetrics platforms (I was also using this first, more serious, option for work related purposes).

Pageboss gives you all the details on your site – link backs, google page rating, when the google bot last scanned your page, number of times your site is linked to or bookmarked in popular platforms, and a host of other useful stuff.


Stimator calculates the dollar value of your site based on a logarithmic assessment of a number of factors. Lucky I didn’t lose my site, it’s worth about $US550 compared to Googles $US938,550,265 – I can’t even begin to try expressing that as a percentage… here’s the valuation of my site: