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A sandcastle driven stop motion shot on a mobile phone

Descriptive titles are all I’ve got the brain matter for today… but this is impressive.

Gulp. The world’s largest stop-motion animation shot on a Nokia N8. from Nokia HD on Vimeo.

Some info (from here – where you can also watch a making of)

“The new film, Gulp, tells the simple story of a fisherman who gets swallowed by a larger predator. It was shot entirely with the Nokia N8 phone. “Strapping the device to a 40-meter high cherry picker on a massive expanse of beach with gale force winds seemed like a good challenge for the smartphone,” says David Bruno, a creative at Wieden + Kennedy London which created the spot along with directing team Sumo Science, from animation studio Aardman, and sand artist Jamie Wardley, from sand and ice sculpture specialists, Sand in Your Eye.”


How to market a college

When you’re choosing an educational facility to further your career it’s not a question of how good the teaching is, how it might equip you for your future, but how good their stop motion viral ads are…

Super Mario Art – Stop Motion Edition

If I had eight spare hours in my day I don’t think I’d be making this. Mostly because I don’t have that variety of artistic talent and inspiration, but partly because I’d be doing other important stuff like procrastinating on reading the first six chapters of my Hebrew text book.