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8 bit: games in real life

I like this series of photos. Very clever.

Hyrule Field

Hyaku Retsu Harite (aka Hundred Hand Slap)

Keeping The Mean Streets Clean

More on Flickr.

Street cred fail

Anyone who grew up playing Streetfighter 2 knows that the Shoryuken is a most potent weapon.

Here’s Big Bird unleashing the awesome power of a shoryuken (dragon punch) on the cookie monster. He knows where it’s at…

But is it worthy of a tattoo? This guy thought so. But unlike Big Bird he doesn’t have a clue how to land the killer blow.

Unfortunately he made a little mistake. see, to hit that move you’ve got to do this →↓↘ + P

From kotaku.

Kung Pong

Take two of my childhood favourites. Combine them. And you have perfect blog fodder. Like this Ping Pong/Street Fighter mashup…

You got game…

If I was asked to reenact a scene from a computer game – any computer game – one of the last options I’d consider would be the bonus level from Street Fighter II where you get to beat up a car.

I’m not this guy. Who is taking things pretty seriously.