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Man faces prison for posting swinger video

I like a good sensationalised heading. Did you happen to catch the YouTube video doing the rounds a few months back of a guy swinging a baby around in an aerobatic manner? It was on the Today Show and picked up all over the place. I won’t post it here – because doing so might land me in jail.

“Chelsea Emery, of Ryan and Bosscher Lawyers in Maroochydore, represents Chris Illingworth, who was charged with accessing and uploading child abuse material.

Illingworth, 61, published the three-minute clip on Liveleak, a site similar to YouTube but focused on news and current events.

Illingworth has uploaded hundreds of videos to the website. The one he was charged over, thought to have been created by a Russian circus performer, had already been published widely across the internet and shown on US TV news shows.”

That’s so incredibly stupid. Who on earth made the decision to pursue that prosecution.

Laying the smack down

This is a stupid story. I was smacked as a child. Sometimes hard enough to leave a mark. I have nothing but respect for my parents for the way they disciplined me. I think I'm a better person for it. What is a father to do? His seven year old son wandered off at night and he found him in a park – so he smacked him, telling him not to do it again. And he gets arrested thanks to a "concerned onlooker" – the boy clearly deserved a smack on the bum – so obviously do the legislators and police force who perpetuate this nanny state – Supernanny would be all for smacking that kid…