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Where’s ya bin? I bin at the beach

You may be wondering why things have been a little quiet here until about three hours ago. The answer. I was at the beach for a little break with my wife, and my parents.

It was even sunny.

Heading to Townsville on Monday, so blogging may be sporadic again for a while. I might try to queue something up though…


Did you miss me? The Sunshine Coast was rainy. We read books and slept. We went out for dinner twice. I played Playstation. I watched Ninja Assassin (Very violent, the JB Hifi guy told me not to bother, I loved it – though you probably won’t. Limbs were flying everywhere.). The PM got ousted. We watched World Cup matches. I cooked Master Chef style hash browns.All these factors, combined with time spent hanging out with my hot wife, made the week almost perfect. We came home in time for me to take the field for Kustard FC – a game we won 7-3. If Manly had managed to belt the Panthers it would have been a perfect week.

How about you? Did you miss me?

Holiday snaps

I took lots of photos during our holidays – most were at a wedding and will be boring to all of you. Some were at the beach. Like these (and whatever else I eventually upload to this album).

I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with aperture and exposure settings.

And here’s the dust storm on the Sunshine Coast.

5 things I’m going to do on holidays

Robyn and I are on holiday for a week next week. We’re going to the Sunshine Coast. In the spirit of Ben’s listmania here are the five activities I’m looking forward to (the fact that I’m spending time with my wife is implied):

1. Sleeping In
2. Going to the beach (a real one, with waves)
3. Reading books
4. Searching for coffee
5. Taking photos