Super Mario Bros

Being the best at being bad at Super Mario Bros

You may, or may not (if you’re not pretty geeky) have heard of Super Mario Bros speed runs. That’s when people try to finish the original Super Mario Bros from the original NES, as quickly as possible. Once, in my childhood, I took part in a Super Mario competition. In a shopping centre. I went in feeling a little bit special, because I knew about these warp zones that let you skip levels. Turned out everybody knew about the warp zones and lots of people were quicker than me… anyway. Here’s what a speed run looks like.

Impressive, no?

Well. What could possibly be more difficult than a speed run? How bout a speed run getting as few points as possible. This is actually an impressive point. A guy managed to finish the game and only get 600 points. And if you watch the video, the only thing preventing him scoring only 500, was that he appeared to accidentally bop a gumba on the head.


Mario in real life (again)

Ok. So I’ve posted a billion videos like this before, and real life Mario videos have been disappointing since the Super Mario Bros movie. But this is kinda cool.

I don’t remember Mario having a handgun though.

If Super Mario were a First Person Shooter

It would, one thinks, be safe to assume that one of the two following situations may occur in the future (perhaps May 2012):

a) The internet will run out of novel ways to reinterpret and present Super Mario Bros.

b) I will stop being interested in videos related to the Mario Bros franchise.

Until such time as one of those becomes true… enjoy.

Super Mario World: All just a dream?

Image credit: Walyou


1. Every other character in the game is focused on getting Mario. They become more hostile and determined the longer he is in the dream and the more he does to effect the environment.
2. The “levels” use similar architectural traits and contain constructions that seem to extend the time he spends getting from a to be.
3. Mario levels are like a maze. It’s as though they’ve been designed to keep him around for longer.
4. The music changes in pace (gets slower) the deeper Mario goes.
5. How an Italian plumber finds himself in a mushroom infested world is never really explained. How that world changes from level to level is also not explained.
6. When Mario dies he doesn’t die in real life. In fact, his dream continues. If he runs out of lives he continues from a previous level.
7. He often experiences a falling sensation.

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