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Mario says happy Friday to St. Eutychus readers…

Dear readers,

Here’s a little video from Mario courtesy of Fiverr.

Thanks for reading.

Anti-Mario Propaganda: Maybe he’s not so Super after all

Video games are a victor’s history. We never think of life from the perspective of the poor goombas Mario squishes. How would you like it if a fat plumber jumped on your head?

What Bowser and his mercenary army needs is better PR. And the best type of PR is propaganda. Fro Design have had a go at producing some anti-Mario propaganda posters, and I have to say, my eyes have been opened.

Mario hits the wall: Super Mario Bros from start to finish projected on an outdoor wall

This is extremely clever and well produced.

Super Mario Bros. from Andreas Heikaus on Vimeo.

There’s also a making of video.

Super Mario Bros. on a Sidewalk – Making Of from Andreas Heikaus on Vimeo.

Found via ChurchCreate.

Mario: This is your life

Mario’s creator Shigeru Miyamoto recently gave a tell all (almost) interview about the character Mario. The guys at ChurchCreate put some bits of the interview into nice graphics that you should totally check out.

You’ll learn all sorts of intereting bits and pieces about the mustachioed plumber.

Miyamoto made an interesting point about Mario’s development alongside the Nintendo platform from pre-NES days to the Wii.

“When we create games, the gamer really is the main character. In that regard it may not really matter who the main character is onscreen. But you know, Mario is someone who has become very familiar and I think it is that people are comfortable with becoming Mario.”

Mario really has grown and changed and evolved with the evolution of digital technology. The new technology is fresh and exciting and the next thing you know it becomes familiar and Mario follows that. He’s a familiar character, but he is also fresh because he is always doing new things based on what the technology allows him to do.”

Via ChurchCreate.

Mo money, mo problems

Are you Movembering? I would if I could. But I can’t. My mo don’t grow. This year I even tried growing it a month in advance.

And that’s the results…

Which is a shame. Because Movember is awesome. This is what internet activism and awareness raising should look like. Not some stupid innuendo based “secret” campaign.

So, instead of calling for people to donate to my Movember efforts – I’m encouraging you to donate to my friend Paul’s efforts. Plus, he has a ranga mo – so he needs all the support he can get…

I love the marketing campaigns and stuff springing up around Movember.

And especially these pictures, which were what mo-tivated me to write this post to begin with.

Moustaches make a difference…

These, and more, via Scary Ideas.

Mario, you’re toast.

Wedding invitations taken to new level

I’ve posted some cool wedding invitations here in my time – none cooler than this one. A couple of geeks programmed their own Marioesque invitations and sent them out on CDs. Their friends had to play through the level in order to receive the details of the nuptials. They could choose to play as either the bride or groom.

Here’s a video of the invite being played (and you can download the actual invitation (link to .exe file) if you want to invite yourself along)…

Via here.

Shirt of the Day: Mario in the morning

Mario's Closet @ SplitReason.com
Mario’s Closet design @ © SplitReason.com

This picture has the possibility of becoming an awesome shirt for those days when you’re not sure what you want to wear… it’s being voted on at that link above.

And Andrew from Daily Vowel Movements sent it my way.

If you’ve got anything you think would be good blog fodder for me – send it my way.

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Big brother is watching

One of the fundamental, and mostly unmentioned, elements of “pick on someone your own size” is the idea that if you don’t there may in fact be a sibling or protector involved in the equation that you haven’t yet considered.

Coming a cropper

I’ve spent a fair bit of time playing Farmville on Facebook. I recently overcame my addiction.

This picture, from some other Farmviller named Jeff, is almost enough to lure me back…


Luigi is the forgotten Italian Plumber. Less cool because he wears green and was pretty much a lackey, or a bit player – an 8-bit player no less – in the Mario Bros saga – it’s not the Mario and Luigi bros is it… and Mario gets the girl…

Luckily someone out there is still holding a torch/flame/candle (whatever the expression is) for the green guy – because they produced this awesome Lego statue.

More pictures of Lego Luigi here

Reality bytes*

Video games these days are so much more fun than they were when I first picked up a console controller. I can’t remember which came first – the NES or the CD TV – it’s all a bit of a blur. Having a father with a casual gig writing games reviews had its perks. Actually, it must have been a NES. Unless the Vic-20 counts as a console…

It did, from memory, plug into your TV… in fact, as a delightful tangent – I should point out that Dad’s game reviewing gig came after he wrote and published this book – unavailable for GBP4.95 from The Book Depository – for those of you who aren’t link clickers it was called “Beyond Simple Basic – Delving deeper into your Vic-20”. Seriously, with a father like that what chance did I have of not turning out as a geek.

Anyway, that’s a significant digression from my original point – but the Vic-20 was an 8-bit machine, so it’s tangentially related. My point was – games are now better. And I’m going to suggest that graphic violence is what makes that so. So it warms me to the cockles of my heart to see this Flickr set – of 8-bit characters rendered beautifully and experiencing graphic deaths. Here’s the demise of a Goomba – cleverly titled Goombash…

There are plenty more where that came from. Including this Pac-Attack…

* the title is only vaguely clever if you know that there are 8 bits to a byte. I have actually always wondered why 8-bit machines weren’t called one byte machines. I might have to look that up…

Get in the game

With these wall stickers priced at $74.99 you’ll be racing around the house picking up all the lose change as quickly as you can. Just don’t bash your head against bricks or lights in the process – and make sure flowers aren’t poisonous before ingesting.

You know you’ve got too much time on your hands when…

When you can make a scene from Super Mario using 17,000 pins. There’s a whole gallery of Mario goodness awaiting anyone brave enough to click that link. I know they’re called drawing pins… but that’s ridiculous.