surviving the zompocalypse

Surviving the Zompocalypse in style

You may have missed previous tips for surviving the impending Zombie Apocalypse here at St. Eutychus.

But here’s something to add to your survival kit. Or to add your survival kit to. A customised shotgun containing a survival kit. It’s almost a one-stop-shot. Aha. Ahaha. Lets see how people laugh when you’re saving them by blowing the heads of zombies, or teenagers in hoodies (accidents happen), with this bad boy.

This shotgun customisation comes with built in compartments for all your basic needs, and a mounted torch/compass/knife combo that will keep you mangling zombies in the dark.

And what survivalist shot gun wouldn’t be complete without a Bible verse.

How to play with zombies

Zombies get a bad wrap. They’re just misunderstood. It’s hard wandering around craving brains. Society gives vampires like Edward Cullen, and our politicians, a pass on blood sucking behaviour, and it should be no different when it comes to the undead.

Should you be in a position to play fun games with a zombie in your neighbourhood this book may come in handy.

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