Tumblrweed: T-Rex Trying

I have short arms. Apparently. So said a careless store attendant once when I was being fitted for a suit. One thing led to another, and soon everybody at college knew. And I acquired the nickname T-Rex. Which is cool. Because those dinosaurs were the king of their Jurassic reptillian world.

Anyway. I feel sorry for these poor less than able dinos. T-Rex Trying.

Remove staples with roar power

I have a little bit of an affinity with the T-Rex, we share the honour of having slightly disproportionate length in our arms. But I probably wouldn’t pay $70 for a T-Rex Skull staple remover.

You might pay that much. Who knows. Apparently there are people out there who’ll pay $1350 for an ornamental elephant paperweight.

You could buy an army of T-Rex staple removers for that price, and face it – they’re slightly more functional than a paperweight.

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