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Shirt of the Day: Self Descriptive Shirt from XKCD

I may have featured this before. But if you’ve got me in some sort of Secret Santa thing, or just want to buy me a Christmas present that I’ll enjoy… you could do worse than this XKCD special.

And on the back…

Shirt of the Day: The Don’t Care Bears

Ahh. Care Bears. The rainbow vomiting overly optimistic fur balls of my youth.

Here are the Don’t Care Bears, the nasty siblings.

Trojan T-Shirts: Marketing by subterfuge

What do you get the German skinhead who has everything? Especially if you want them to reform form their Skinhead ways? You get them a nice skull and cross bone t-shirt. And you give it to them. For free. But you make it so that after one wash the shirt changes completely.


“With a skull-and-crossbones logo and the message “Hardcore Rebels – National and Free,” some 250 black T-shirts given away at a recent right-wing extremist rock festival were quickly snapped up. But there was more to the tough-looking image than met the eye.

Once the rightist rockers washed their new shirts, they were dismayed to find an entirely different message: “If your T-shirt can do it, so can you. We’ll help to free you from right-wing extremism.” The offer, complete with contact information, came from a group called Exit Deutschland, which helps people get out of the neo-Nazi scene.”

More here.

Our bright evolutionary future

A shirt I designed a couple of years ago just scored a post on 22 Words. Thanks 22 Words.

You can buy said shirt from CafePress.

Shirt of the Day: Furious Fowl

Pretty cool real life Angry Birds design – available on Threadless.

Shirt of the Day: Dance like Thom Yorke

Have you seen the film clip for the new Radiohead song Lotus Flower. No? Oh well. Watch it below, then check out this awesome shirt.

Shirt of the Day: No fear of Dirt

Don’t fear dirt. Embrace it. Every white shirt I ever owned ended up looking like this anyway, so you may as well make it deliberate. Right?

From Threadless.

Shirt of the Day: Font Face

If Helvetica were a Mexican wrestler it would be called El Vetica. Or luchador (for those who know about these things).

Buy here.

Shirt of the day: Going Mo Wear

Get this one and file it in your wardrobe for next movember.

Via Threadless.

Shirt of the Day: Sup, Bud

I like this. The white cord raps around the back of the shirt.

Again, via Threadless (though I’m not sure it’s still in print).

Shirt of the day: The Ranga Edition

One for the red heads.

Another Threadless special

Shirt of the Day: Look, no hands

Shirt of the Day: Go on a beer bender

This little beer bottle shaped robot has a nifty secret – his hand is actually a bottle opener.

Shirt of the Day: Game on

All games actually come from the same place. Did you know that? Don’t believe me? Here’s the shirt to prove it.

Shirt of the Day: Blind man’s shirt

This shirt comes from a series of pretty classy and slightly functional white t-shirts. If you pull the string the blind lifts.
blind_model_image blind_product_image