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Amazing table tennis…

Table tennis got me through high school. These guys are amazing. Why this sport doesn’t get more TV coverage is beyond me.

Ping Pong Robot…

One day I will have a robot servant. Even if all he does is play table tennis with me…

And he won’t just one of these boring robots who serves the ball and nothing else…

No. He’ll be a fully functional opponent (this gets impressive at about 2:36… well, it’s impressive the whole way through…)

Ping Pong Party Tricks

Back in my day wasting study time with a ping pong ball involved a table and some friends. These days the table is optional.

Paddle pop

Table Tennis hasn’t been a bastion of innovation. Much. The basic gameplay is essentially the same as it was when invented. Although, I was in a sports shop yesterday and I noticed the handles had a little slide out adjustable thing that is meant to change the amount of control a player can exert on the ball. Interesting. And yet the really innovative players are doing away with handles altogether

Here it is in action…

Weekend Project: Ping Pong Cannon

One more for the arsenal of dangerous projects to try at home… And it’s a pretty guaranteed ace in the hole for my next game of table tennis against dad… if it doesn’t wreck the table.

This thing shoots table tennis balls through solid chipboard (oxymoron alert).

From CrunchGear.

Kung Pong

Take two of my childhood favourites. Combine them. And you have perfect blog fodder. Like this Ping Pong/Street Fighter mashup…

Ping Pong 2.0

Table Tennis. Check. Data projector. Check. Motion Sensor. Ambient fish graphic. Check.

That’s a recipe for an awesomely trippy futuristic/1970s crossover party. Or something. Check it out.

“PingPongPlus is a digitally enhanced version of the classic ping-pong game. It is played with ordinary, un-tethered paddles and balls, and features a “reactive table” that incorporates sensing, sound, and projection technologies. Projectors display patterns of light and shadow on the table; bouncing balls leave images of rippling water; and the rhythm of play drives accompanying music and visuals. In the process, this project explores new ways to couple athletic recreation and social interaction with engaging digital enhancements. ”

Table tennis opens doors

At one time I was mildly addicted to table tennis. It was back in 1999 and 2000. When I should have been focusing on finishing high school. My friends used to gather downstairs at our house for impromptu competitions. Those were the days.

I haven’t really had room for table tennis at any house since. Well, at the first house I lived in up here we did. But I was a full time worker by then, with no time for youthful frivolity.

Now it appears that space is no object for table tennis at home – because you can just convert a doorway into a table. It does limit the heavy topspin round the net return – but you expect to make sacrifices for this sort of awesomeness.

It was designed by Tobias Franzel and I found it here…

Almost Shirt of the Day: Pong

A pongy shirt generally is in need of a good wash (or in some sad cases ala my black t-shirt a throw out). This one on the other hand is full of table tennisy/pong goodness. It’s also from glennz.com.

3D pong

This is a beautifully rendered version of the classic computer game pong – well, actually, it’s a 3D rendering of a 2D rendering of a 3D game – that is to say it’s just Table Tennis – with a table designed to look like Pong. Confused? Well check it out – it’s from this guy

(Vege)table tennis

This is quite bizarre. I had never been to Design Bloom prior to little sister number two’s recommendation last week – and now I’m posting another link to it.

Where has this site been all my life?

Merging two types of tables is nothing new – KMart has been selling an all-in-one air hockey/pool table/table soccer table for years.

But this is so classy. Table Tennis meets the dining room.

YouTube Tuesday: A video about ping pong

The thing is, and I don’t want to spoil it for you if you haven’t watched it yet, he isn’t even celebrating winning the game…

This did remind me of the opening scene from Baseketball. Which I dug up – as a bonus.

Awesome skillz

“You know, like nunchuku skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills… Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills.”

Not since Napoleon Dynamite waxed lyrical about the virtues of the nunchuck have the ancient ninja weapon been so cool. Ok, I guess when Bruce Lee played ping pong with them they were cool too:

But butane lighter/flashlight combo cool? No way. These were so cool they’re now discontinued. Out of spiteful awesomeness.


Ping Pong|gnop gnip

Mirror, mirror on the floor – who’s the best player of them all?

I spent a disproportionate amount of my time in grade 11 and 12 trying to answer that question. Downstairs. At my parents house. Playing table tennis.

If only we’d had a table this cool:

Mirrored table tennis tables and glass pool tables are the future. The future is now.