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Well, well, well

Dave Miers is raising money to buy wells in Cambodia. You should head over to his blog and read the post and think about donating.

Once you’ve done that you should do your last minute “really useful gift” shopping at the St Eutychus Store. Buy some food for some kids who don’t eat good…

There isn’t enough time for cards to be sent out before Christmas – so you’ll have to do the environmentally responsible thing and select an e-card.

Flogging a live cow

So far I’ve raised $5 with my really useful gift shop. And I have to confess that I spent that $5 myself. On a fish called Eutychus – or a fish farm full of fish called Eutychus.

I’m not expecting to reach the heights of stuffchristianslike.net – or in fact any heights at all – but I am going to keep the little logo for the shop on the top right of the page. Probably forever. In the hope that one day somebody will buy one of these $300 cows.