Tesla coils

Duelling duelling banjos: Sleepy Man Banjo Boys v Tesla Coils

The Sleepy Man Banjo Boys took the world by storm when they appeared on Letterman (video at the bottom of this post). Here are the three (probably home schooled) prodigious brothers putting Duelling Banjos through its paces. Watch past the minute mark. They start slow.

Sparks really fly in this second version though. Two Tesla Coils.

Here are the Sleepy Man Banjo Boys on Letterman – they explain their name at the end.

Electrifyingly cool

Anyone who has played Red Alert knows that Tesla Coils are the ultimate home base defence system. And anyone who hasn’t, but knows what a Tesla coil is knows that they’re totally awesome. 

That’s why this guitar amp is cool:

And, why this photographic re-enactment of Red Alert is also cool.

Red Alert: Tesla Coil
Red Alert: Tesla Coil

If you’re not convinced that Tesla coils are the coolest thing since electricity then check out this gallery from the Red Alert Tesla Guy (an Australian) on the SMH.

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