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Tetris: the blockbuster

Possibly the best heading I’ve ever written.

Manual Tetris burns more calories than the game

If you’ve watched the pros (like my wife) play Tetris you’ll know that it’s a legitimate sport. It involves rapid movements, coordination, and a developed skill set.

This real life version doesn’t. But because you’re using your whole arms and not just your fingers it’s likely you’ll burn more calories.

analogue tetris 1

Via Walyou.

This is almost ten minutes of the thing in action. Seems pretty lame. I didn’t watch it.

Tetris analógico // Analogical Tetris from Esferobite-DSK on Vimeo.

More games in real life

Human Tetris

These guys get style points for getting the piece shapes right, and getting the theme music spot on too.

Thanks to Scooter, whose blog seems defunct so I won’t link to it in order not to get your hopes up.

YouTube Twosday: the second coolest thing you can do on a skateboard

The coolest thing you can do on a skateboard is fall off and hurt yourself.

The second coolest thing you can do on a skateboard is strap neon shapes to your head and create a scene from Tetris.

You get less points for getting the geometry of Tetris wrong – but style points for trying…

Reliving the classics

I’ve posted a bunch of games in real life type things before, but none has been as beautiful as this collection. They really are nice. And all my favourites are there – Pacman, Tetris and Space Invaders. Can’t go wrong really.

Herbal Tetris

For those of you looking for some other Tetris inspired design – perhaps to complement the Tetris dining set or Tetris shelving I’ve mentioned before – here’s a little set of herb pots, or perhaps coloured dishes for keeping safety pins and stuff in…

As subtle as a brick wall

I’ve posted a bunch of “Tetris in real life” type things before – but they were never like this. You’ll find this, amongst a bunch of trippy photography/editing here at alltelleringet.com.

It’s subtle. Like a punch to the face. Perhaps like this punch to the face…

Tetris in real life…

This microscopic Tetris was created using 42 glass microspheres (1 μm or 0.001 mm diameter) in a 25 μm x 20 μm sized area under a microscope. They’re then pulled around through the miracles of modern computer technology. I for one am glad research dollars are being spent on this sort of thing.

Tetris resolution

I haven’t played Tetris for some time. I’ve been busy. I broke my Tetris drought with a round of hi-def Tetris. I don’t think I’ll ever play again. But maybe you should try it.

If this isn’t your thing perhaps this “Tetris in real life” concept gets you more excited. An artistic project from Chrissie Macdonald.