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Siege mentality

It’s funny that all theists immediately assume atheists have it in for their brand of belief in particular.

It’s like commenters who assume that every slur or use of the word “you” is directed at them personally…

There’s a pretty funny opinion piece in the Age from a Catholic who thinks that their rock solid beliefs make them a target for the new atheists. It’s worth a read. I like this quote.

“For some reason, contemporary Australian atheism seems to consider itself terribly funny. Its proponents only have to wheel out one of the age-old religious libels to lose control of their bladders. To outsiders, of course, it is a bit like watching a giggling incontinent drunk at a party. This is not to say that believers – and perhaps especially Catholics – do not get seriously irritated by atheists. They do, but not because atheists are fearfully clever or Wildely funny.”

Jeff posted this this morning, so I’ll give him the kudos – but my dad also emailed it to me to read. Keep the tips coming people…