Getting skinny with God

I found “Help Lord — the Devil Wants Me Fat” so stay tuned for the next instalment on that front. But in the mean time, here are a couple of options for taking a positive approach to your weight loss.

Via Jesus Needs New PR.

And Jogging With Jesus, another book from the Devil Wants Me Fat author.

How Would Jesus Exercise

While you’re waiting for my next installment of “Help Lord — the Devil wants me Fat” you should get into spiritual and physical shape with this workout – Christian style.

This (the Devil) is why you’re fat: update

You might be wondering where part two of my book review is. And so am I. More correctly, I’m wondering where the book is. I can’t find it. Maybe the devil stole it.

I’ll keep you posted. Hopefully.

In the meantime, enjoy this profound spam comment left on my last post:

“Think of how retarded the aver­age guy is, and real­ize halve of them are stu­pider than that.”

The Devil made me eat it…

I thought I’d share with you some tidbits from the newest edition/addition in my library. These are photos from my iPhone.

It’s brilliant. It opens with a statement I can paraphrase as: if you/r friend are/is overweight, not only is it the devil’s fault but you should question your salvation.

I’ll deal with the substance of the argument in a future post – but now I’m going to share with you some of what I think makes this book special – its style.

Some of its illustrations look like Chance cards from Monopoly:

With a bit of high art (which may suggest that the original sin was gluttony not disobedience).

The problem is your sub-conscious. It’s the Devil’s playground.

It’s this sort of advice that will set you on the path to skinniness:

It says: “A glass of water will do you for breakfast. It’s surprising how satisfying a glass of water can be.”

The Devil is an imp in a top hat.

He ends up in web of positive thinking and healthy eating advice:

I’ve only posted less than half the post-worthy illustrations here (and they’re photos from my iPhone). I’m hoping to post the rest in coming days/weeks in better quality and with the kind of analysis you’ve come to expect from St. Eutychus.

I trust you’ll enjoy this journey of self discovery thoroughly.