Tag: the third eagle of the apocalypse

A Third Eagle song about the Denver International Airport mural (oh, and Psy says the Antichrist is a gay polygamist)

I love it when he sings… and when he talks about the Denver International Airport. So this is fusion gold.

But here are some things we learn from Gangnam Style about the antichrist.

  • The timing of end times events (but you’ll have to wait for the next video for this).
  • The timing of the end of the Catholic Church.
  • The timing of the end of the United States.
  • The timing of Russia and China’s invasion of the United States.
  • The relationship between the false prophet and the antichrist.
  • The sexuality of the antichrist – he’s a homosexual, bisexual, pedophile who is married, to two wives.
  • The gender confusion of the antichrist – he’s a transexual, apparently.
  • The bow-tie in the video promote gay marriage because they are phallic symbols.
  • The antichrist will publicly proclaim his support for gay marriage…

The real fun starts at about 6 minutes in…