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Shirt of the Day: Go on a beer bender

This little beer bottle shaped robot has a nifty secret – his hand is actually a bottle opener.

The other, other, white meat

Back on the first of April the online superstore ThinkGeek launched a new product. Unicorn Meat. I posted it.It was an April Fools joke. We all laughed. And laughed. All of us, except the American Pork Lobby. Who didn’t like that ThinkGeek billed their new product as “the other white meat.” So they sent a twelve page cease and desist letter.

Whoops. This my friends is a PR fail.

Home grown home brew

This looks like a fun product if you’re hoping to keep your food miles down – or if you’re into making stuff from scratch… It’s a beer garden. And it’s only available in the states… but it wouldn’t be too hard to make your own.

Tasty, tasty unicorn

Bored with spam? Try tinned unicorn.

Calculating circular mathematics in the shower: as simple as pi

Did you know that water droplets are perfectly spherical? You could measure it for yourself if you could remember the formula for the volume of a sphere and if you had one of these pi shower curtains featuring pi to 4,600 decimal places.

Have a break, have a Tac Bac

Canned crispy bacon. Nutritious and delicious.

You can buy it from Think Geek.

Lock stock

Here’s something for the security conscious puzzle nerd – try getting out of a room locked with one of these puzzle locks (let alone getting into one).

When it comes to locking doors it pays to remember the three S’s – security, security, security… you should probably also make sure you fit it to the right side of the door.

Duel purpose

Challenging someone to a duel by “throwing down the gauntlet” is much harder post the dark ages. Which presents a difficult social problem when someone insults your mother. Luckily you can buy these for just $US60. They’re sure to stop the office “your mumma” jokes quicker than a witty comeback.

Pi are cubed

Hosting a party for the local mathlete team? Or trying to learn a particular letter of the greek alphabet? Then these are the ice cubes for you ($US8.99).

Alternatively, if Tetris is your thing you can get these ($US9.99):