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$90 burger features 1,050 slices of bacon

Burger King Japan ran a promo where you could add an already obscene number of bacon slices (more than six – which is the yardstick of bacon obscenity) for just 100 Japanese yen. So some guy thought it’d be fun to see what about $90 would buy him.

Image Credit: Japanator.com

From Japanator.

This is why you’re fat – Deep fried cheesecake and Paula Deen


Apparently this sort of thing is typical. Check out this collection of Paula Deenisms.

She deep fries bacon.

New Starbucks drink size is bigger than the human stomach

This is just crazy. Who needs this much over-roasted coffee anyway?

This is what it looks like for real.

This has been all over the interwebs. But I think I saw it first on ChurchCrunch. It’s originally from the National Post.

KFC: Making dreams come true with 11 herbs and spices

Introducing the Skinwich. Apparently being tested in KFCs throughout America. It’s every chicken lover’s dream. Because everybody knows the skin is the best bit of the chicken.

It’s a beautiful case of turning byproducts into products. All those people wanting their “skinless chicken fillets” for “health reasons”…

Via Brain Residue (who gave it a thumbs down)

This (the Devil) is why you’re fat: update

You might be wondering where part two of my book review is. And so am I. More correctly, I’m wondering where the book is. I can’t find it. Maybe the devil stole it.

I’ll keep you posted. Hopefully.

In the meantime, enjoy this profound spam comment left on my last post:

“Think of how retarded the aver­age guy is, and real­ize halve of them are stu­pider than that.”

Heaven on a plate

Gary shared this picture of my life… summed up as a dessert – which is kind of a metasummary – my life could be summed up as dessert anyway…

This, friends, is a glazed cinnamon donut with candied bacon bits, served with coffee icecream.

Thanks Gary.

Creme eggs benedict

Delicious. From This is why you’re fat.

Sliced doughnuts topped with brownie mix, melted Cadbury Creme Eggs and frosting, garnished with red sprinkles and served with fried pound cake chunks.

Teenage Mutant Bacon Turtles

I like Bacon. I like our pet turtles. I can’t say I’ve ever thought of combining the two before. But some turtle fan out there has piqued my interest and whet my appetite. Mmm. Bacon. What a mutation.


Snack attack

Bigger is better. Especially in the case of popular snacks. Like Cadbury Cream Eggs or Iced Vovos. Which is why it’s my pleasure to draw your attention to Pimp that Snack. Where common snacks become uncommon.

Butter me up

I won’t be eating deep fried butter anytime soon… not if I want to win the little competition I’m having with Robyn.

But it is real. Here’s how the guy who makes it does it

“So here’s what Gonzales does: He takes 100 percent pure butter, whips it until it is light and fluffy, freezes it, then surrounds it with dough. The butter-laden dough balls are then dropped into the deep fryer.For purists who just want the unadulterated taste of butter, Gonzales serves up plain-butter versions of his creation. For others who want a little more pizzazz, he offers three additional versions with flavored butters: garlic, grape or cherry.”

Put this on your round table

This my friends is the Holy Grail of breakfast. A bacon and egg goblet.

Now if only I could round up a group of knights to go a questing…

Move over MasterChef

This my friends is a McDonalds meal. But not an ordinary McDonalds meal. If you’ve ever marvelled at the difference between the picturesque presentation of a burger on the menu and the burger in hand then this site takes things to a new level.

If I hadn’t sworn off fast food for a year I would try this. It’s a post from this is why you’re fat.

Here are the instructions for converting a Big Mac into what is known as a McSteak.


  • 1 McDonald’s Big Mac Extra Value Meal (#1) with a large fries and large Coca-Cola

First deconstruct the Big mac into its parts(sing along now) two all beef pattiesspecial saucelettucecheese,picklesonions, and a sesame seed bun… plus the french friesice, and Coca-Cola. Dice the cheese, cube the middle and bottom buns, and extract the sesame seeds from the top bun. Take the french fries and some pieces of bun and purée them in a food processor with water (melted ice), then top it off with the diced cheese. Rinse the onions and lettuce in a colander and garnish it with “croutons” made from cubed bun pieces. Slice the beef patties, and then garnished it with sesame seeds and top it off with slices of pickles. Serve on a white rounded square plate with a dollop of Thousand Island dressing (the special sauce)serve the Coca-Cola in a wine glass.

BBB sandwich

This is what you should get if you order a BLT with no L, no T and extra B.

It hasn’t made it to “This is why you’re fat” yet – but it will.

I found it here.

Twix or treat

Instructables is a veritable goldmine of ideas – a repository of human ingenuity – a hotbed of innovation… I could go on. It’s brilliant. Particularly when somebody gives you the run down on how to produce your very own giant Twix.

The instructions are in some sort of Spanglish – but the pictures tell the story.

2 packages of cookie Maizena
1 package of caramel candy
2 pounds of chocolate to milk

From what I can gather you need chocolate, caramel and some biscuits – based on my experience with Twix, I’d say Milk Arrowroots would suffice…

This is why you’re fat