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On the flipside

Have you been reading Tim and Amy’s blog (a misnomer if ever I’ve heard one… Tim has posted once). It’s pretty awesome. Like this post with a little map tool that lets you figure out where you’d end up if you were to drill a hole right through the earth.

If you were to do that, and you dropped a rock down the hole – would it get stuck in the middle or shoot out the other side? Ignoring all the effects that lava might have on the composition of the rock…

Here’s where you’d end up if you lived in Townsville. Somewhere off the coast of Mauritius.


I’ve had some pretty bizarre points of synchronicity in my life – I’ve mentioned a friend I haven’t seen for a while and bumped into them randomly on the street, or had them send me an email – that sort of thing. It can be a little creepy. Like De javu.

Today I had two random friends from opposite sides of the country almost simultaneously mention their addiction to Facebook Poker.

And two blogs I read pose an identical question about paid content on News Ltd’s news services. Bizarre. For those interested you can head to the Fountainside or Tim and Amy’s blog to take part in the discussion. Tim and Amy were first (yesterday), so I made my comments there. You should comment there and encourage them, they’re new to the blogging thing, and are worth reading.

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