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A time capsule of world changing ideas

This is an interesting little exercise. Seed Magazine asked a bunch of scientists the following question:

“If you only had a single statement to pass on to others summarizing the most vital lesson to be drawn from your work, what would it be?”

It’s like the reverse of that time machine shirt where you have all the information you need to change the world, it’s based on the premise that one day we might need to start all over.

The responses from the scientists are a bit boring and jargony. Like this one:

“The scale of the human socio-economic-political complex system is so large that it seriously interferes with the biospheric complex system upon which it is wholly dependant, and cultural evolution has been too slow to deal effectively with the resulting crisis.”

I think we can do better than that.

So I’m wondering what your answer would be. From your own experience. If you only comment on one of my posts this year, make it this one.