Time Management

Had an interesting little meeting this morning on time management strategies. It was one of those “break out into little clusters and write lists of suggestions” type meetings. I think that’s ironic given the massive amount of duplication in the suggestions and the time taken to report back to everyone.

But I wonder. Does anyone have any good time management ideas they can share? I spend a lot of time reading about how to be more productive and this hasn’t necessarily translated to increased productivity. I’m enjoying Ben Bathgate’s introductory series “Getting Things Done” philosophy – anyone who reads lifehacker knows about the GTD philosophy already. It seems like a good idea – and I’ll no doubt be sharing a lot of Ben’s posts via my shared links posts.

The funniest bit of today’s meeting was that I was in the breakout group with our CEO – a noted perfectionist – and one of my “miscellaneous time management” suggestions was that the pursuit of perfection can be a time waster. The difference between “good enough” and “perfect” can be minimal but achieving perfection often takes a long time. She “agreed with the sentiment” but couldn’t find the words to describe it when we were reporting back to the team.

Any good tips you’ve got for me – or others – share them in the comments