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I hate when people make a reference to AM or PM when talking about time and then throw in a reference to either morning, evening or night. It’s a redundancy. And a particularly annoying one.

This morning on the ABC it was used over and over again. Like nails on a chalkboard. Warren Boland was giving a teaser to an upcoming segment about businesses opening their doors at 6.30am during winter – convenience stores I think. And in the space of 2 minutes must have referred to “6.30AM in the morning” about 12 times. It drove me to distraction. And now, I’m sharing my rant with you.

If you are going to refer to the time, and add the AM/PM suffix – do not tell me what part of the day that is in. It insults my intelligence. And yours.

That is all.

Open mike

If there’s one thing I learned in television training at QUT – it was “never, ever say anything in front of a microphone that you don’t want recorded and broadcast”.

This was subsequently backed up in the media training session we had consultants in to run here at work. They went a step further. Never ever say or do anything anywhere near a camera that you don’t want recorded. The cameraman running our training said he’s seen people sacked for not turning up to everything with their camera rolling to capture stuff from beginning to end.

Time’s top ten “Open Mike” moments have some real gems that crystallise this point beautifully. Like this one, number one, from the Reverend Jesse Jackson:

“See Barack Obama been, um, talking down to black people on his faith based…I want to cut his nuts off.”

Stacks of fun

One BILLION DOLLARS. That’s what it looks like people. It’s in $100 notes and is a US billion. Which is different to the rest of the world. So it’s 10 million $100 notes.

The same artist has also stacked up your life* in Rolex hourglass sand.

*81 years.

Via Gizmodo