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Matchstick Tirith

You know you’ve got too much time on your hands if you can recreate an incredibly complex structure from a piece of fiction entirely out of matchsticks. But if you go to the trouble your work kind of deserves the international attention it garners on blogs around the world.

From a website called matchstick marvels, which is as awesome as it sounds.

“Iowa artist Patrick Acton has glued over 3 million ordinary wooden matchsticks into more than 60 incredibly detailed scale models of life-like sculptures, complex machines, and world renown architecture. Acton has used the tiny 2 inch long sticks to build huge models like his 13-foot long true-to-scale model of the battleship USS Iowa, and a 12-foot lighted model of the United States capitol. The Matchstick Marvels display has drawn visitors from all over the United States and dozens of foreign countries. “