How to go to the toilet properly

Look. This is the type of “science” that tobacco companies roll out to sell more cigarettes. And it contains a bit of an historical error in the first minute – people have been sitting on toilets rather than squatting for much longer than 100 years. One only has to visit Roman ruins, or read about Luther’s toilet seat ruminations, to know that this is the case… but anyway. Lest you live your life uneducated and “doing it wrong” when it comes to your number 2s…

I give you… the Squatty Potty.

Potty potty putter idea

I’ve posted some stupid products lately. I don’t know why. They’re just indicative of what’s been tickling my fancy. But today I’m plumbing new depths. With this. The potty golf set. That’s right. Make Christmas special this year with this easy to assemble toilet golf putter game. It fits snuggly against the base of the loo – allowing you to putt while you do your business.

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