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Number two loo

This loo is made completely of poo. Talk about recycling.

Looky loo

If there’s one piece of homeware that is due for an upgrade it’s the porcelain train, the humble toilet, the dunny, the loo, the… you get the point. As far as technology goes the toilet has been pretty stagnant.

Well, here are some developments for your interest.
The “Go with the Flo”

The Flo™ toilet is an ergonomic, sustainable design concept for baby boomers that functions like a squat toilet. Designers maintain that using the Flo™ toilet is akin to yoga – by building and strengthening abdominal and back muscles. Only one-half to one gallon of water is used for flushing and The Flo™ reuses water from hand washing. To flush water from the tanks to the toilet, the Flo™ employs an electromagnetic ball valve that uses electromagnets. Go With the Flo™ also is free of mechanical parts. The toilet is fully self-sustaining and independent of electric power.

Or this one – a World of Warcraft cubby with built in loo

Or how about this one – a toilet with inbuilt RSS capabilities.

The FKF-20M (from ¥55,000/$558) does the trick by generating a unique URL for each visit and beaming it from a wall-mounted infrared panel alongside the usual no-touch flush sensor to any compatible cellphone.

From there, it’s a simple matter of clicking through to a mobile website showing details such as fecal bacteria count, presence or absence of blood, fat content and other delights.

How about the motorcycle toilet – anybody want a pickle?