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How to make awesome and amazing tortilla chips

There’s nothing like a hot snack on a rainy essay day. So today, in between essays, I made some tortilla chips. Which are amazing. Cheap. And delicious. Here’s how…

Heat some hot oil in a frypan. On the stove. I used peanut oil. On the highest temperature. With about three quarters of a centimetre of oil throughout the pan.

Wait till it bubbles a little.

Cut your tortillas into chip shapes.

Put them in oil – once the oil is hot enough each side will cook in somewhere between 20 and 40 seconds.

Put the cooked ones on a piece of paper towel.

Once they’re all done, pile them all up into a bowl and liberally apply sour cream and salsa. They’re also fantastic with mince as Nachos. And great by themselves.