TV remote

The phat controller

Here’s a novel solution to losing the TV remote between the couch cushions… turn the couch cushion into a remote. Brilliant.

Passing the remote to one another across the room might become a slightly more violent affair though…

From here (they’re actually for sale… for $30. Just in time for Christmas).

Alternatively. You could get one of these sofas that is designed to have things stuck in it…

Via Design Bloom.

Just shoot them

Sometimes, when I am watching stupid people on television (normally reporters on current affairs programs) I wish I had a gun that could transfer energy through the television and cause the person at the other end some pain. This would be a great way of showing frustration and a terrific piece of user interaction. Eddie Maguire would be in big trouble.

This one function remote will, when pointed at the television, either turn the box on or off, turn up the volume, or change the channel. One day Eddie. One day.

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