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Mumford and Sons cover Vampire Weekend…

Get it from Stereogum (it’s a download). Amazing.

Here they are covering the song England by the National.

In other exciting musical news, the new Gomez album is out tomorrow.

The Oxford Comma, it’s a serial…

A while back I paid homage to the Oxford, or serial, comma. The comma that comes between something and and and when the and is followed by something else in order to add clarity to a list.

For example. I like planes, trains, and automobiles.

That last comma. That’s it. Turns out it’s popular (see the comments on that post).

I’m posting now because I found this graphic – and I think it’s nice.

Nice like an Oxford comma.

Vampire Weekend also wrote a song about everybody’s favourite comma (with a slight language warning).

Grizzly Bear play Graceland

I was just listening to Vampire Weekend’s Contra album. And thought “gee, that sounds like Paul Simon”… so I did a little googling to see what they had to say about the similarity. Which led me to this – completely unrelated – Grizzly Bear singing Graceland.

Here’s the Vampire Weekend song that I think sounds particularly Simonesque (set to an amusing Japanese dance clip).

Here’s Paul Simon’s Crazy Love…

Here’s a mashup…

More new music: Interview with a Vampire

I caught this Vampire Weekend song on the Jools Holland show while channel surfing the other night.

It was catchy, and I had heard of Vampire Weekend but not heard from Vampire Weekend (at least not memorably) before then. A bit of YouTubing later and I’ve decided I quite like them.