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10 great videos to use for church

I love me some good multimedia – especially good multimedia that helps people meet Jesus.

So I’m thrilled to bits with Creek Road – the church I go to – and the decision to employ some people to make multimedia stuff that helps people connect with Jesus every week. Our videos link to our teaching series – but heaps of them are designed with more than one end user in mind. Here are some of my favourites. It’s pretty exciting seeing stuff like this roll off the production line every week. Grace and Wade – our media peeps – are pretty much geniuses.

We’d love people to use these in other churches, and to share them online. That’s kind of the point…





You can check out the Creek Road channel on Vimeo – our vodcasts go there too – if you have trouble figuring out how to use the videos or anything like that – shoot me an email.

The power of video on the interwebs…

This is important – especially in the context of my previous posts about church websites. Our new website for Creek Road – (the church I work for in Brisbane) is live – and I’ll post some final bits and pieces on that project this week some time… Our long term strategy is to have a video at the top of each page that does what the text does but uses the power of a real person telling a real story. We’ve got one page that does this already.

Explainer Video from Al Boardman on Vimeo.

Some wind down videos

These are nice and relaxing.

The Me Bird from 18bis on Vimeo.

The Wood Turner from Elliott Forge on Vimeo.

Got anything similar I should watch?

Very useful “how to” videos

I watched these and I laughed till I cried and my chest hurt and I couldn’t breathe properly. I was up until 3am this morning though.

How to move a Rhinoceros

Rhinos look kind of funny when they’re hog-tied and being flown around by helicopter.

Handiwork: Nice video (series) of people working with their hands.

I’m keen to see this series develop, because this first piece, a look at Carpentry, is pretty cool.

From the vaults: A funny rant about emoticons

I’ve just been doing a little bit of housekeeping, fixing up old broken YouTube links in my archives. And I found this gem that deserves more attention now that I have more than 10 readers.

Don’t use emoticons, exclamation marks or say LOL if you’re not laughing and we’ll get on just fine. And you’ll also get on fine with this angry guy.

Everything is a Remix Part 3

A very sandy easter – incredible Easter videos drawn in sand

My very talented friend Tim, and his very talented brother, have put together these sand art Bible stories. You should get a hold of them if you’re looking for a bit of multimedia for your easter service.

The Vegetable Commandments

The ten commandments made easy for the visual thinkers… and for those who have only ever been frustrated by the Veggie Tales characters and wanted them to get their comeuppance.

The 10 Commandments: No. 5 Thou Shalt Not Kill from Global Mechanic on Vimeo.

The Ten Commandments: No.7 – Thou Shalt Not Steal from Global Mechanic on Vimeo.

Google in 2 minutes

This is a great little video that plots the story of Google (until just prior to the launch of Wave) in two minutes. I think I saw it first at CafeDave – so he can have a link.

Conspiracy convergence

I haven’t really watched much stuff from CollegeHumor – but the stuff I have seen tends to be really awesome, or really quite crass – take that on board if you’re going to follow any links from this video – which fits into the earlier category.