A visualisation of relationships in the Guy Ritchie classic “Snatch”

Remember when Guy Ritchie made entertaining caper movies. He did. Snatch is one of my favourite movies of all time. Partly because I watched it the day I finished high school, so it is permanently associated with a pretty terrific day.

There were times when it was difficult to remember who knew who, and who was partcipating in which narrative arc. If you had that problem then this one is for you. Otherwise it’s just an interesting way to map out a movie plot.

Via Visual News

The Lifecycle of a T-Shirt

This is both funny, and true.

“I have a T-shirt problem: after years of buying them, my house is now full. Whilst recently trying to tidy up the situation I realised that I was subconsciously categorising them. As with everything on the internet, it ain’t a ‘thing’ until it’s visualised in an infographic. “

From Sleeping in My Head – where you’ll get a bigger version.

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