Real Life Farmville: 30 Pounds to have a share in running a real farm…

Sounds fun. Just like the real Farmville. It’s called “MyFarm” – partly because instead of sticking a 2.0 after your name these days you remove the space and capitalise both words. Then you are WebSavvy.

“MyFarm is a big online experiment in farming and food production, giving 10,000 members of the public a say in the running of a real working farm. The farm is on Wimpole Estate, near Royston in Cambridgeshire.

The MyFarm Farmers will join forces on this website to discuss and make decisions on every aspect of the farm: the crops we grow, the breeds of animal we stock, the new facilities we invest in and the machinery we use.

The aim of the farm is to be profitable, and to maintain the highest standards of sustainability and welfare.”

Seriously though. Pay me $25 and I’ll ring my father-in-law with whatever suggestion you have for crops for him to grow in the Darling Downs, Queensland… you’ll probably end up with no more clout than you would going through this program, plus it’ll cost you less money.