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The Gladwellerator

Everybody wants to be the next Malcolm Gladwell. The man has a freakish ability to draw seemingly disparate factoids together into a cohesive, best-selling, argument.

Want some ideas for a book that will sell? Check out the Malcolm Gladwell Book Generator.

ShadyURL: A non truncating web service to scare people

Got a link you don’t want clicked. Or that you only want clicked by idiots who are more likely to give you their username and password for something?

Shady URL is here to help.


is now


How to make your own data visualisation

If you love data visualisations like I do, then this website may waste your valuable time. Many Eyes allows you to make data visualisations from your own data, or from datasets uploaded by others.

It’s fun and informative. Here’s one I made about coffee exports. It took thirty seconds.